Lisa Beels (right), who attended the Cordon Blue in London and Christine Naylor, a graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, began to perfect their own infant baby food together over playdates when their sons were very young. Once friends caught on to what these moms were doing they begged them to make some for baby gifts, christenings, showers, birthdays etc..

After overwhelming responses, the two set out to prepare the finest foods for babies possible. And thus began the development of what has now become Petite Palate.

Our Philosophy

Petite Palate is dedicated to providing fresh, organic, superior tasting meals for infants and toddlers that are packed full of wholesome nutrients.

Petite Palate wants to change the way we feed our infants and children. Most parents start out by giving their babies jarred baby food. The jarring process (heating to high temperatures until sterilized and shelf stable), destroys many of the vitamins and nutrients that occur naturally in the food. In order to bolster the nutritional value of the jarred food, common practice is to add vitamin and mineral additives after cooking that did not come from the food itself. Petite Palate’s meals, on the other hand, are Flash Frozen, which maintains the food’s own nutritional content while sustaining the shelf life (frozen).

Petite Palate knows that infants are born with taste buds that need to be nurtured from the very first taste of solid food. We believe in the French tradition of small meals with big flavor. This leads to a positive relationship with food (as opposed to large portions of bland foods typically served). If presented as early as possible, children will grow up with better eating habits, reducing the incidence of child obesity and a number of health problems. Petite Palate also believes that with a highly developed palate, older children will choose nutritious foods over fried and processed ones; setting healthy habits for their entire lives.

Christine and Lisa keep their culinary creative juices flowing by maintaining Haute Palate, a Catering and Personal Chef Service serving the New York City, Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester areas, as well as the Greater Rochester area, from our Penfield, NY location.

Lisa and Christine have appeared in numers TV cooking segments and have authored many food and family-centered articles in print and online. They are currently working on their next book about family meals.