Petite Palate is dedicated to helping parents cook gourmet food for infants and children. We are mothers who are trained chefs. We not only understand children, we understand food.

Our mission is to help every child eat the very best from the very beginning! We suggest three easy ways of learning how to do this:

1. Make it yourself with our help and guidance:

Watch our Baby Food Video Series
Read and use our

2. Attend our Petite Palate Institute or have Chef Lisa come to your home for a private lesson! or....

3. Purchase Quick Guide to Homemade Baby Food.

Sadly, we are no longer selling our frozen baby food, however, Chef Lisa has continuted the tradition of providing gourmet food for all via Haute Palate .

She is also providing handmade gourmet school lunches for local NYC preschools via Haute Palate Little Lunches.

Petite Palate is featured on Food Network's Guess Who Succeeds, premiering Wednesday, February 8th at 8pm (7 central) on FOOD NETWORK!