Welcome to The Petite Palate Institute

As part of our mission to have every baby and child eat the very best, we are happy to announce the continuation of the Petite Palate Institute. We make it easy for parents in all areas and in all income levels learn how to make and feed their children healthy and delicious food. Not only will your family eat delicious food, you will spend time together and save money (something we all could do these days)!

1) We are setting up a number of cooking classes in the New York City, Rochester, NY and Connecticut areas.

The Art Farm in the City

Thursday May 13th, 2011 from 4:30pm - 6pm.
419 East 91st Street, NYC (b/t First and York)
We all know that toddlers and preschoolers are some of the most challenging eaters, so we are constantly battling what to give them that they will actually eat and that is relatively healthy! We'll be cooking toddler-friendly meals with an eye on getting nutrients in their young bodies! There will also be tips on how to get them to eat!!!
Hurry and sign up as space is limited, but if there is a huge response, we'll schedule another class!

This class is now free for each adult participant. There will be babysitting available at a charge of $15 per child. They will get to experience the Art Farm's award winning indoor petting zoo!
***To sign up, please email your name, contact information, whether or not you will need babysitting (if so, for what age) to Lisa at lisa@petitepalate.com. Hurry, space is very limited!

We are setting up free baby and toddler food cooking classes for lower-income families this spring and summer. More information about this class will be posted soon!

We had so much fun at our classes last year!

2) We post our video series of baby, toddler and family meal cooking classes for free on our YouTube Channel: PetitePalateBaby!

Come and learn how to make your own food, save some money and eat gourmet the Petite Palate way.
3) For families not in our immediate area, and don't have time or access to watch our videos, we put together 50 of our favorite baby food recipes in an easy to use format book/guide -

The Petite Palate Quick Guide to Homemade Baby Food
$8.50 each

Use coupon code GOURMETBABY and get 50% off your book order! GOURMETBABY

For every book sold, we will donate $1 to the Petite Palate Institute