Why choose Petite Palate?

Three simple reasons:
1. We taste amazing - everyone in the family will want a bite!

2. We are packaged in eco-friendly, innovative PAPER cups. No BPA's to worry about, no glass to break, no sloppy pouch to squish. Paper is a natural choice.

3. We're fresher and taste better than shelf-stable baby foods; our food is the next best thing to making it yourself!

We produce our gourmet baby food with the finest organically grown produce available; which helps maintain the health and well-being of little ones and the environment.

Organically Grown refers to a method of growing food free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on land clean of such chemicals for at least thirty-six months. The food we create is part of an unbroken chain of clean handling: from grower to us and then to you.

This is why we decided to NOT add ANYTHING to our baby food but the food itself - this includes DHA. Studies are still being done on DHA as an additive, and to us the jury is still out. We want our foods to remain pure and as natural as possible. We believe that given a well-rounded diet which includes breast milk or formula, Petite Palate and family meals, babies will receive all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Organically grown and processed food is governed by the National Organic Standards, now incorporated into federal law. Petite Palate always uses the best organic ingredients to live up to the high standards set by the certification process.

Consumer Reports recently came out with a study about the benefits of organic baby food and for all you parents out there questioning what/how you should feed your baby, Babyzone.com has a great article about baby food which may put your minds at ease...!